Why Elite Breakthrough?

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Using our unique combination of coaching, NLP, Creating Your Future TM Techniques, hypnotherapy and my own personal experience and knowledge, your bespoke experience with us will be specifically designed to your individual life goals and needs. This ensures your results are achieved effectively, efficiently and with sustainable maintenance remain with you permanently.

I have a fun, pleasant and approachable style which is also demanding and challenging of you to ensure you get to where you want to go, nobody ever said change was easy or we would all be doing it every day! If your future success is important to you then the work you put in will be well worth it.

It has to be said at this point, as a client of ELITE Breakthrough Solutions we are expecting you to satisfy some qualifying criteria before we are able to work with you:
* Be committed to discovering your individual opportunities, changes and deletions you are able to achieve that enable your future success
* Commit to completing the actions requested by your coach fully and timely facilitating your growth and development toward your goals
* Be ready for the future you and all the great things that come along with them !

If this sounds like you and you are ready to get started please go ahead and get in touch

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