What is NLP?

As you experience life and the emotions that go along with it, you build up mental baggage in your mind that distorts your view of the world and your thinking.

This impacts your behaviour and therefore your results!

Fortunately, we have Reikinetic NLP that we can call upon to pull the plug on your overloaded mind to release all that unwanted baggage.

Leaving you feeling lighter, more focused and empowered to live the life you want.

NLP control your mindNLP in my view is, “An approach that provides you with the ability and empowerment to influence your thoughts, actions and behaviour in a way that promotes and cares for you, your wellbeing and your future. Giving you the power of controlling your own mind and  behaviours.” Jeff Kidner, Oct 2017.

OK, so that’s fine you may say, tell me more. What is it and why would I want to know any more about it. Let’s take a brief review together of how others have defined NLP and decribed the incredible impact it has.


NLP can be considered as:

One of the most effective forms of soft skill development training (Naim, 2017).

A method to overcome your internal mental hurdles to achieve whatever you want in life (Taylor, 2016).

How an individual’s brain connects with the world and how the connections influence behaviour (Pulse, 2007).

A manual for the brain that guides us to obtain the results we want (Biswal & Prusty, 2011).

The study of the structure of subjective experience (Bandler & Grinder, 1975).

How we achieve goals, create stable relationships, eliminate barriers such as fears and phobias, build self-confidence and self -esteem and achieve peak performance (Joey & Yazdanifarol, 2015).

 The history of NLP – The Science behind the approach


If you like history and the origins of thoughts and ideas then you will love this bit……….if not you may want to skip down the page a bit!

Richard Bandler & John Grinder are well known as the founders of NLP in the early 1970s. Although there are a number of influential contributors to the science of NLP that are highly deserved of praise for their significant work and findings. The term ‘neuro-linguistic’ was coined back in the 1930s by Alfred Korzybyski through his work on general semantics and was the provider of the phrase, “The map is not the territory”, widely quoted still today.

Gregory Benson’s work during the 1950s integrated systems theory with cybernetics underpinning much of the intellectual basis of NLP.

In the 1960s Eric Berne introduced the idea that people have different ‘parts’ of their personality and is credited with the birth of transaction analyses. Parts being a widely use technique in modern NLP for resolution of inner conflict.

Fritz Perls was one of the first to suggest the idea of representational systems in therapy. Gestalt therapy, the treatment of groups of events as a whole, was introduced from his work. Then in the 1970s Bandler & Grinder started to integrate the work of their predecessors using it to model successful therapists including Virginia Satir and Milton Erikson.

The Structure of Magic was the book they produced as a result of their work giving birth to modern day NLP, which has since evolved with contributions from Robert Dilts and Tad James on the introduction of time lines and neurological levels.

What have we done with all this knowledge and experience

With all this knowledge and experience that has been handed down to us through the decades of scientific research, observation and modelling we now have what we know as modern-day NLP. The approach provides us with more opportunity than ever to make positive changes to our lives, providing us with personal empowerment that enables us to take control of our thoughts and behaviours. Opening up a whole new world where the only limit on achieving our full potential is ourselves.


Reikinetic NLP specialist coaching is a perfect intervention for all of these concerns and more……

We all have both unconscious and conscious minds, the conscious mind is comparable with your old, clunky laptop that takes an eon to fire up then takes ages to get anything done. Whereas the unconscious mind is more of a super power house like a multi-national mainframe computer.

Ordinarily we tap into just a tiny minority of the potential of the unconscious mind, however, with NLP specialist coaching we are able to use the numerous tools and techniques those incredible minds we talked about previously have kindly left as a legacy for us to use and benefit from.

The massive advantage of NLP specialist coaching over conventional coaching is the speed at which transformation can be achieved. Because NLP has the potential to bring out significant change in hours, even minutes, which would take significantly longer with more conventional coaching techniques. It also does not require you to discuss any of the detail of your life experience, NLP is content free so you will not have to relive any of your past or dissect your past behaviour or events. Remember NLP is easy, comfortable and powerful.

So, are you ready to empower your future success today…? Excited to take positive action that helps you to realise your full potential…? Can’t wait to be that person you always knew you were capable of being yet something always got in the way…?

Use the from below to start living the life you want……

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