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Hello & welcome from me, Jeff Kidner,


Here to help you find inner peace and confidence.

That only comes when you own the gift unstoppable of self belief.

Tired of feeling lost, frustrated and unfulfilled?

Not sure how to find the confidence, happiness and inner peace you crave?

You could be thinking I have 3 options:

– Step down to a less demanding role

– Change professions altogether or

– Carry on until my mind and body give in!



Perhaps you find yourself:


 * Overthinking things to the point where you take them home.  Impacting your social and personal life?

* Feeling drained because you’re constantly working, striving for perfection?

 * Tired of maintaining your work persona. Wearing that cloak of confidence, to convince people all is well?

* Unable to see where your life is going. Uncertain of your purpose in life? 

*Frustrated you are yet to achieve the true potential? See yourself stuck on a plateau.

* Unhappy in your career and drag yourself to work every day to pay bills?

jeff kidner self belief coach

Know that it can be different…..

jeff kidner self belief coach

Imagine how life will be when you:

✔ Replace those nagging doubts with unstoppable self belief

✔ Step into your true true self, glowing on the inside and sparkling on the outside

 ✔ Align your life goals with your values & beliefs. Giving you unbelievable clarity & purpose

✔ Lose the need for pretend confidence because it is replaced with authentic, undeniable inner-confidence

✔ Enjoy the freedom you will achieve from creating and owning your future. Gain the drive and motivation that comes with unstoppable self belief and confidence.




Because I felt like this for MOST of my adult life. And I DO NOT want that for you.


That’s why I developed the “Breakthrough 2 Belief” suite of coaching services.

A range that matches your personal and budgetary needs.

Whether the full 2 day intensive overhaul with unlimited support for 6 months is for you.  Or a simple one hour focused session, eliminating a nagging minor issue is more appropriate.

I have a solution for you…….


jeff kidner master nlp coach

 Hear what our customers are saying…..

I can 100% recommend Jeff as a coach.

During the whole period I spent being coached by him, Jeff was always so professional, non-judgemental and ready to listen in his style.

The advanced NLP process I experienced with Jeff was so powerful that I could feel my past guilt, sadness and anxiety wash away after every session.

Jack Cryer

Arabic Translator/Researcher

From a non-believer to a complete convert

I would 100% recommend a session with Jeff for building your self-confidence and self-belief.

He’s brilliant at putting you at ease, walking you through everything and then the magic happens!

 I can feel and see the difference in myself and best of all, people have noticed the change which is great.

Barbara Martin

Business Analyst

Jeff is totally amazing at his craft I thoroughly enjoyed NLP, surprisingly refreshing.

My 3 favourite benefits of the many I experinced through my NLP Breakthrough program are:




with love & understanding

Rhodope Kostalas

Meditation Teacher/Business Owner

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